1932 W. 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA  92706

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V.E.T.I. is a cutting-edge Bible Institute providing biblical, ministerial and leadership training.  VETI is the starting point for those seeking to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and Theology.  Our primary vision is to equip men & women for the work of the ministry.  At V.E.T.I. you can:

  1. EARN an Associate’s degree in Bible and Theology.
  2. COMPLETE your degree in as little as 2 years from the largest Bible institute in the nation.
  3. LEARN from faculty who embody the mission and vision of Victory Outreach International.
  4. TRANSFER V.E.T.I. units toward a Bachelor’s degree at Victory Outreach Bible College and partnering Universities.
  5. EXPERIENCE LIVE online courses and interact with instructors and students in real-time.
  6. PREPARE to be a Licensed Minister or Youth Pastor.

If you have any questions call speak with Pastor Richard Muro or call (714) 478-2721.  Classes are offered at over 90 V.E.T.I. Extensions all over the world.