Victory Outreach Santa Ana

Recovery Homes

The Recovery Homes are a ministry of the local church. The Home provides a residential, Christian environment for men and women.

The purpose of the Home is to reclaim, redeem, and restore lives that have been destroyed or disrupted by drugs, alcohol and/or other substance abuse by establishing three essential values; a commitment to Christ, restoration of the family and a positive work ethic.

We are not a treatment program, but rely on the Word of God through the Bible, prayer, and positive decision making in order to aide a person through their ‘Journey of Change’. Our Homes are not government funded and rely solely on the Church of Victory Outreach in the city we are located in for our sole financial support.

Each Recovery Home is free of charge. The course of the recovery home is one-year, and all individuals live in a 24-hour ‘Home’ environment.

If you know someone that wants to change, call one of our Rehab Homes nearest you.

Victory Outreach Recovery Home
928 Cypress Avenue
Santa Ana, CA  92701
(714) 478-2721

Mens Director:  Will



Mens Director:  Hector


Huntington Beach

Mens Director:  Richard


San Pedro

Womens Home Director:  Patricia


Westlake Village

Mens Director:  Andy