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 Ralph & Cynthia met at seventeen years of age in the city of Santa Ana. They have a daughter, a son and three grandchildren. Ralph came to Jesus Christ at 25 years old and his wife followed after six months of seeing a genuine change in his life, the following year. 

   Since then they went on to study the word of God in Victory Outreach School of Ministry, were they both​ graduated. Ralph went on to study at Latin American Bible Institute, courses in Leadership Development with Dr. Jesse Miranda through Azusa Pacific and Leadership and Organization Studies at Vanguard University. He has also taught various courses at Victory Outreach Education Institute. (V.E.T.I)

​   In 1995, during a very dark era in Santa Ana, the city was named, "The Murder Capital of Orange County," by the Orange County Register. They were launched out from the mother church in La Puente, California by pastor Sonny & Julie Arguinzoni Sr. to plant a church in Santa Ana. 

​Ralph was the L. A. Harbor Region Christian Home Overseer for ten years, where he overseen the Christian Recovery homes for men and women. Today they pastor a Victory Outreach Church in the city of Santa Ana. 

​ He authored the book, "Discovering GOD'S Will for Your Life" sold @ Barnes & Noble, Amazon